The all in one soft-shell

The soft-shell classic for year-round use. Two textile surfaces are bonded with a highly breathable coating in a special process. The coating in the middle ensures additional protection from wind and water. This produces soft-shellfabrics for the most varied of requirements and for every season.

Areas of use
Jackets and pants for outdoor, leisure and casual wear, functional fashion

Basic properties
  • perfect weather protection
  • wind and water resistant
  • good breathability
  • highly elastic
  • cosy and comfortable inside

Possible fabric components
Polyamide, polyester, PU coating

The elastic, water- and wind repelling, woven fabric surfaces consist of synthetic fibres. The middle layer – a functional coating – ensures insulation and a high level of wind protection. The extremely breathable interior varies depending on the intended area of use.

Outside: hard-wearing rain, snow and water repellent stretch fabric; mid: functional coating offers insulation and excellent wind protection; inside: soft, skin-friendly and extremely breathable material

Possible additional functions
Through the use of various additional fi nishes, special yarns, colour effects or further functions can be combined in order to optimize these fabrics for the respective area of use, for example:

3XDRY®, NanoSphere®, energear™, ecorepel®, coldblack®, corkshell™, schoeller®-PCM™


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