Symbiosis of fashion and function

The trendy schoeller®-shape fabrics combine fashion and functional aspects, natural fibres and hightech yarns. Due to the innovative fabric constructions and modern coating and finishing technologies, they are given versatile looks, feels and functions.

Areas of use
Pants and jackets for leisure, golf, sports and workwear, fashionwear

Basic properties
  • fashionable and functional
  • natural fibres or natural fibre look
  • breathable
  • easy-care

Possible fabric components
Cotton, wool, linen, silk, microfibers, polyamide, polyester

Varieties are, for example, elastic and non-elastic or one-layer and multi-layer fabric-constructions.

Outside: breathable, windproof and hard-wearing stretch fabric with high bi-elasticity. Inside: soft, skin-friendly inside.

Possible additional functions
Through the use of various additional finishes, special yarns, colour effects or further functions can be combined in order to optimize these fabrics for the respective area of use, for example:

3XDRY®, NanoSphere®, energear™, ecorepel®, schoeller®-PCM™, c_change™, coldblack®, corkshell™


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