High-tensile durability

schoeller®-dynatec is a hard wearing fabric with good protective properties and a high level of stability. It is pleasant to the touch, can cope with heavy demands and has an attractive appearance. This is why it is used not only in clothing but also in luggage and office seating.

Areas of use
Base material or trim for motorcycle wear, active sports wear, shoes, luggage, office seating, functional fashion

Basic properties
  • good protective properties
  • abrasion proof
  • hardwearing
  • pleasant feel
  • attractive appearance

Possible fabric components
High-tensile polyamide developed specially for Schoeller, elastic monofilaments

Special fabric construction improves durability. In order to ensure this, there are versions woven with a high fibre density. Special mesh structures ensure ventilation combined with good protection.

Hard-wearing, tear resistant fabric with excellent protective qualities

Possible additional functions
Through the use of various additional fi nishes, special yarns, colour effects or further functions can be combined in order to optimize these fabrics for the respective area of use, for example:

3XDRY®, NanoSphere®, energear™, ecorepel®, coldblack®, c_change™, ceraspace™


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