Intro Polizei Militär Schoeller Protection Textiles develops fabrics tailored specifically to the requirements of public authorities, together with the user. They are based on high-quality polyamide fabrics with stretch, antistatic, a high degree of rip resistance and low noise emission. With regard to the required performance, we can configure the functions on a modular basis, allowing us to add the desired protection with our innovative technologies.
For example, we offer flame protection with the aid of pyroshell™ technology, wind and rain protection with our c_change™ membrane, ideal moisture management thanks to our 3XDRY® technology, maximum abrasion resistance with our ceraspace™ technology and, most recently, for special units, a suppressed thermal signature – integrated into the specific local camouflage print – with our camoshield™ technology. Combinations of different technologies can also be implemented without difficulty.
Our 7-layer clothing system – from underwear to cold-protection layers – was developed specifically for the military and security sector. With the objective of consistently meeting the challenging demands of frequent physical activity under potentially extreme climatic conditions, extensive testing was performed at the EMPA St. Gallen focused on garment functionality. This testing has guaranteed a perfectly-coordinated clothing system no matter what the weather conditions, with optimum moisture transport and the necessary protection, including from flames and extreme heat.
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