Intro Multinorm Schoeller Protection Textiles develops textiles to protect people. The fabrics offer added value in the area of comfort – combined with protective properties adapted to the sphere of use. In every development, sustainability is an integral component.
The modular application of our technologies makes it possible to treat almost every fabric to meet different protection standards. The multinorm fabrics produced by Schoeller can be designed in a targeted and tailor-made manner for required standards or for several standards at the same time.
Our collection comprises products which comply with the following standards, or a combination of same:

  • EN ISO 20471 (High visibility)
  • EN 1149-5 (Anti-static)
  • EN ISO 11611 (Workwear for use in welding and allied processes)
  • EN ISO 11612 (Workwear for protection against heat and flame)
  • IEC 61482-1-2 (Workwear for protection against electric arcs)
  • EN 13034 (Protection against liquid chemicals)
  • EN 343 (Rain protection)
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