Details Motorcycle From renowned motor bike manufacturers to proven motorcycle wear brands or professional motorcyclists including motorcycle police, they can all rely on the innovative and extremely durable textiles from the Protection Textiles segment. The protective fabrics schoeller®-dynatec and schoeller®-keprotec are characterized by an extremely high degree of abrasion resistance. For motorcycle wear, in addition to conventional testing, they are also subjected to a special impact abrasion test in the fall simulator. schoeller®-reflex also ensures additional, full-surface protection in poor visibility.
Motorcycle Technologies In combination with our innovative technologies such as c_change™ (for optimum and breathable protection from wind and weather), Nanosphere® (for the greatest possible level of dirt repellence) or ceraspace™ (for extreme abrasion and heat protection in the event of a fall) we continuously consult with our customers to develop ideal solutions for their areas of application.
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