Intro e1 e1 knitted fabrics absorb sweat and transport it away from the body without drying out the skin. Like a second skin, they provide physical comfort thanks to their skin-friendly properties, hygiene and freedom of movement, offering an outstanding wear comfort.
e1 Details
Areas of use
Functional underwear, leisure or everyday work wear, bike wear, elite sports

Possible material components
Polyester, Polyamide, Lycra®, X-static®
Basic properties
  • good moisture management
  • high breathability
  • high and permanent elasticity
  • skin friendly
  • soft hand
  • lightweight
  • high level of comfort
The fabrics are single or multi-layer knit structures that use different yarn types. This use of various materials ensures that moisture is transferred from the next-to-skin layer to the outer layer, where it can evaporate.
Possible additional functions
Through the use of various additional finishes and special yarns further functions can be combined to optimize the fabric for the respective area of use, for example: 3XDRY®, active>silver™, coldblack®, energear™, ceramic coating, Flash, antistatic properties through carbon yarn
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