Intro pyroshell With the pyroshell™ technology, Schoeller is setting completely new standards in the area of flame protection. Reliable protection from heat and flames is now possible on synthetic fabrics and provides outstanding safety and visibility in all EN 20471 colours. Applications on elastic fabrics bring even greater freedom of movement and comfort to everyday life.
pyroshell Block 1 pyroshell™ from schoeller®-works revolutionises the entire area of flame protection. With this technology, Schoeller succeeds in combining permanent flame protection with polyamide and polyester fabrics. Therefore, safety personnel, railway workers, police officers and electricians, for example, are not only ideally protected in the case of possible contact with fire and sparks, but can also enjoy the familiar wearing-comfort of wear of synthetic functional fabrics.

pyroshell Block 2

Breathability, wind and weather protection, tear-out force, abrasion resistance, lightness, elasticity or ease of care are just some of the positive properties that will make work infinitely more comfortable in the future; for example for staff in public authorities, and will have a positive impact on their performance capacity.

The three-layer protective fabric which no longer needs to be lined, are available as ,comfortable 2-way and 4-way stretch versions or as a non-elastic. The highest visibility and safety are ensured by high-visibility colours. Of course all other customer-specific colours can also be supplied.
Eigenschaften pyroshell CharacteristicsbreathableEN ISO 11612 water repellentwind repellent
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