Intro nanosphere Nature shows us how. The leaves of certain plants always stay clean because dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces. Rain drops roll off and, at the same time, dirt particles are washed off of the leaves. This function is also known as the self-cleaning effect.

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nanosphere Block 1
Thanks to the NanoSphere® textile finishing technology, this effect can be permanently transferred to textile surfaces. Textiles that use NanoSphere® finishing technology are water, oil and dirt repellent and highly wash and abrasion resistant.
nanosphere Block 2 On classic surfaces, water, oil and dirt are absorbed by the fabric as the larger contact area allows them to adhere better. On the nanosphere® surface, nanoparticles form a fine structure. Water, dirt and oil only remain on the peaks of the nanostructures and have a diminished contact area. Adhesion is significantly reduced and the drops simply roll off or can be rinsed off with water.

Eigenschaften nanosphere Characteristicsabrasion resistantbreathableoil repellent washproofwater repellent
Teaser Licenses These technologies are available both on schoeller® fabrics and in the form of a technology license.Contact
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