Intro Licensing a schoeller® technology represents pioneering advances in textile development. Licensing partners can use selected developments for their own textile production. The subsidiary Schoeller Technologies AG grants licenses in the form of patents and trademarks. In the licensing area, partners benefit from free use of the schoeller technology and the brand and a fully-comprehensive range of services.
Our range of services

  • Advice on laboratory settings and formulations
  • Quality testing
  • Technical support in finishing and application questions
  • Development of individual technology solutions
  • Support in marketing and distribution

Free use of technology and branding

With the aid of a global network and exclusive distribution partners we guarantee the worldwide availability of our products. Textile manufacturers who wish to use technologies from Schoeller in their own production sites, sign a Technology License Agreement with our distribution partners. Clothing manufacturers, on the other hand, sign a Trademark License Agreement. Only those products which meet the defined quality standards may be labelled with technology brands from Schoeller. For the sale and marketing of these technologies we provide our licence holders with all communication and POS material for their own use.


Protection from heat and UV rays

Returns energy to the body

Environmentally friendly water and dirt repellence

Environmentally friendly polyester dyeing

Three times dry
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