gamex intro Gamex textiles are supple yet compact warp-knitted textiles from the Eschler Knitted textiles e3 Protection group. Their functionality results from the special combination of a mechanical compaction method with chemical finishing.
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They offer optimal breathability and outstanding wind and weather protection and are ideal for jackets with low packing volume, as light wind and water protection while biking or running, or pursuing other outdoor sports.
Light warp knit fabrics created with extra fine yarns are compacted in a special procedure using chemical and mechanical processes to form knitted textiles with unusually good wind cheating properties. High breathability, lightness and elasticity are retained in the process. In additions, the fabrics are given a water and dirt repelling finish.
Eigenschaften gamex Characteristicsbreathablemud repellentwater repellentwind repellent
Technologie nur für Eschler Stoffe This technology is available exclusively on eschler® (a schoeller® brand) knitted fabrics.

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