Intro flash Flash textiles are highly-elastic, knitted fabrics from the Eschler Knitted textiles e1 Absorption group. They were specially developed for the specific requirements and ensure an optimum body climate and pleasant clothing comfort. They display ideal moisture management and very good drying properties.
Flash Block 1
Flash textiles make good sense for all sports in which next-to-skin clothing must provide rapid moisture transport and good cooling properties, such as triathlon, biking, running, cross-country, indoor sports.
The special fabric structure is achieved with a combination of three different yarn components. On the inside of the fabric a special polyester function fibre ensures rapid moisture transport to the outside. On the polyamide outer side, perspiration is distributed over a large area with the evaporation chill supporting the body with a cooling effect. At the same time, the outer side is abrasion resistant and durable. Elasthanes are responsible for the permanent shape retention. Possible material components are polyester, polyamide and elasthanes.
Eigenschaften Flash Characteristicsstretchbreathablehydrophilic fast drying
Technologie nur für Eschler Stoffe This technology is available exclusively on eschler® (a schoeller® brand) knitted fabrics.


Breathable knitted textiles with weather protection

permanent flame protection for synthetic fabrics
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