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All about energear™

What is energear™?

energear™ is a textile finish which ensures that the energy radiated by the body is reflected back in the form of far infrared rays (FIR). This additional energy can positively affect the body’s performance capacity and wellbeing.

How does energear™ work?

energear™ consists of a special titanium-mineral matrix. These minerals have particular properties which reflect far infrared rays. Through its use as a finishing technology on the fabric or as a print, the positive energy is reflected back to the body.

Where is energear™ used?

The energear™ finish is suitable for almost all textiles. energear™ is used in particular when a high feelgood and regenerative factor and a positive energetic effect is desired, for example in sportswear, leisurewear and workwear. In addition, it is applied in bandages which promote recovery and wound healing. In the area of mattresses, quilts and upholstery too, energear™ can make a valuable contribution to wellbeing.

What are the benefits of energear™?

energear™ can positively affect performance capacity, balance and concentration, as well as wellbeing and regeneration.

Where are products with energear™ available?

Textiles with energear™ technology are identified by hang tags or woven labels. Some of these consumer brands can be found on our website under customers. Should you require specific manufacturer information on energear™, please contact us by using our contact form.

What kind of care do products with energear™ require?

Depending on the base material textiles with energear™ finish are cared for very easily. They can be washed without difficulty in the washing machine. Please read the care label on the garment.

Further specifications

Is the energear™ finish suitable for all types of textiles?

Yes. energear™ can be applied to almost all textiles as a print or in the finishing process. It can be used in the first, second or third clothing layer.

How wash-permanent is energear™?

energear™ is washable and does not wear out either as a result of domestic washing or through long wear. With the right anchorage, chemical cleaning processes cannot influence the effect of energear™.

How can the effectiveness of energear™ be proven?

Using a new test method, the Hohenstein Institute was able to examine the influence of clothing with energear™ on mental performance capacity (Test report No. 11.8.5-0144/1 of 07.12.2011). The test results show that respondents wearing a T-shirt with the energear™ technology displayed shorter reaction times to both visual and audio stimuli compared to those with a placebo T-shirt, which corresponds to an increased information processing rate. In addition, divided attention also improved in terms of reaction times and error rate under the specified test conditions. Similarly, the reaction time as a parameter of attention performance with continuous attention (sustained attention) under the specified test conditions was also improved by the energear™ technology in comparison with placebos. 

Further proof of the effectiveness of energear™ was provided by a simple test with plants. Beans are plants which react very sensitively to environmental influences. The plants were embedded in fabric envelopes, one with and one without energear™, and the growth tested. After a week, it was clear that the beans implanted in energear™ had grown faster and in greater numbers than those without energear™.
View video on energear™ bean test

All about (far) infrared rays

What are infrared rays?

Infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum which denotes the entirety of all electromagnetic waves. The spectrum is sub-divided into various areas. Infrared radiation (IR) – also known as thermal radiation – is invisible electromagnetic radiation. It covers a wavelength range from 780 nanometers to one millimeter and is categorized as near, mid and far infrared radiation. The sun is considered the largest natural source of infrared rays. Infrared rays are employed for the contact-free transfer of heat. In the area of wellness or medicine, for example, infrared cabins or infrared lamps are used in heat treatment for the human body.

What are far infrared rays?

Far infrared rays (FIR) is the term used to donate one of the three parts of infrared rays. It has a wavelength range from 3,000 nanometers to one millimeter. Far infrared rays are radiated by the sun but also by the human body and certain stones and metals. Due to the positive and health-promoting properties of far infrared rays, the use is of relevance around the world, particularly in Asian medicine. In this regard, the positive energetic effect on the body plays a particularly significant role.

Do damaging UV rays have anything to do with infrared rays?

No. The ultraviolet (UV) rays move in a different region of the radiation spectrum (wavelength range from 100 nanometers (nm) to 400 nm). UV rays are invisible to the human eye and cannot be discerned by other sensory organs either. The sun is considered the most significant source of UV rays. In addition to the positive effects of the sun on the body and wellbeing, health risks can also result from the UV rays contained in sunlight. 

FAQ for licensees

How can I as a manufacturer use the energear™ finish on my own textiles?

If you as a manufacturer wish to use energear™ on your textiles, please contact us by using our contact form. Once your data is confirmed, we will send you the necessary information or material for testing in your production facility.

How is the quality of textiles with the energear™ finish guaranteed?

A special test process (including, among other things, a design approval) was developed for energear™ which guarantees the quality of the textiles.

How can I as a manufacturer of consumer brands label products with energear™ technology?

In order to be able to label your products with the energear™ brand, you must sign the free of charge “Trademark License Agreement” with Schoeller Technologies AG. If you are interested in signing an agreement of this kind, please send your inquiry by using our contact form.

What is a "Trademark License Agreement"?

In this agreement, Schoeller Technologies AG grants the licensee the right to use the brand name energear™ for the marketing and sale of its products. Only those products which correspond to the defined quality standards may be labelled with the energear™ brand name.

How can I order energear™ labels?

As a consumer brand with a valid Trademark License Agreement, you will be able to order hangtags and woven labels as soon as the agreement has been signed. Please send your order directly to lab@schoeller-tech.com. If you purchase fabrics directly from Schoeller Switzerland, please contact the responsible sales contact.

Is energear™ bluesign®-certified?

Yes. The technology complies with bluesign®, the world’s most stringent production standard with regard to EHS requirements (Environment, Health and Safety). The bluesign® system  guarantees the greatest possible exclusion of substances that could be harmful to humans or environment and promotes the economical use of resources in manufacturing. Further information can be found under www.bluesign.com.

How can I obtain further information?

Please contact us by using our contact form.

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