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All about coldblack®

What is coldblack®?

coldblack® is a finishing technology designed for textiles that are exposed to sunlight over extended periods. coldblack® prevents the textile from heating up and provides reliable protection from UV rays. For this twofold sun protection, coldblack® combines unusual features: absorption and reflection.

How does coldblack® work?

coldblack® is both sun reflector + UV protector

Sun reflector
Dark textiles absorb both the visible and invisible part of sunlight and consequently absorb warmth. coldblack® reduces this absorption in all types of textiles and therefore prevents dark colors from heating up. The result is a tangibly better heat management. For clothing, this effect means that the wearer perspires less, feels better as a result and enjoys improved performance capacity.

UV protector
Light colors, in particular, which are often worn in summer and therefore increasingly exposed to sunlight, provide only poor protection from harmful UV rays. The coldblack® technology guarantees a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 30 for all colors and fabrics, without affecting the feel or look of the goods. This means that fabrics with coldblack® make an effective contribution to protecting the wearer from UV rays.

*Depending on the structure, thickness and material, the UPF may vary and applies for closed textile surfaced. The UPF must therefore be individually determined. From UPF 30 upwards, the UV protection conforms to coldblack®.

Where is coldblack® used?

The coldblack® finish is suitable for all fabrics that are worn mainly outdoors and exposed to strong sunlight. You can find it in clothing for outdoor use, tennis, running, golf, workwear, etc. as well as outdoor textiles for awnings, blinds, tents, etc.

What benefits does coldblack® offer?

Dark fabrics with the coldblack® finish offer efficient protection from heating up caused by exposure to sunlight. As a result, fabrics remain tangibly cooler, which can lead to improved general wellbeing. Light-colored textiles finished with coldblack® technology also offer reliable UV protection of at least 30.

Where are products with coldblack® available?

Textiles with coldblack® technology are identified by hang tags or woven labels. Some of these consumer brands can be found on our website under customers. Clicking on the logo of the brand will take you to the brand’s website. Should you require specific manufacturer information on coldblack®, please contact us by using our contact form.

What kind of care do products with coldblack® require?

Textiles with coldblack® finish are cared for very easily. Depending on the base material they can be washed without difficulty in the washing machine and in most cases they are also suitable for industrial laundering. Please read the care label on the garment.

Further specifications

Is the coldblack® finish suitable for all types of textiles?

Yes. coldblack® can be applied without difficulty to almost all types and compositions of textiles. The ultimate effect (degree of heat reduction and UV protection) depends on the textile construction and is individually determined by Archroma.

How wash-permanent is coldblack®?

coldblack® is very wash-resistant and does not wear off either during domestic washing or through long wear. Chemical cleaning processes do not influence the effect.

Is the coldblack® finish also suitable for other colors?

Yes. The coldblack® finish not only prevents textiles from heating up but also offers effective UV protection. This is particularly beneficial for light colored textiles which, without the finish, allow harmful rays to pass through. Therefore, the application of the coldblack® technology makes sense for both dark and light textiles.

How much warmth is reflected by textiles with coldblack®?

Textiles without coldblack® finish absorb up to 90 % of the heat rays and warm up accordingly. Textiles with coldblack® finish, on the other hand, reflect up to 80 % of the heat rays and therefore remain tangibly cooler.

How much cooler are textiles with coldblack® compared to textiles without coldblack®?

In the test laboratory of EMPA St. Gallen (www.empa.ch) the “cold effect” was measured using a scientifically developed sweating torso dressed in a black coldblack® shirt. Compared to a conventional shirt, the temperature of the torso was 5°C cooler following exposure to simulated sunlight (using infrared lamps). The temperature difference can vary depending on type of textile, color and material composition and taking external factors into account (weather conditions).

All about UV-protection

What does UPF mean?

UPF is the abbreviation for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The UV protection factor indicates how much longer the user of sun protection textiles, or the wearer of UV protective clothing, can remain exposed to direct sunlight without damage to the skin. The UPF is comparable to the sun protection or light protection factor of sun creams (SPF). The basis for calculations is what is known as the intrinsic protection time of the skin which can vary considerably depending on the individual skin type.

How high is the UV protection level in textiles with coldblack®?

With a minimum UV protection (UPF) of at least 30, textiles are considered to conform to coldblack®. The UPF for coldblack® is measured according to the Australian/New Zealand Standard®. The UV protection is often very much higher (50+). Dermatologists consider a factor of at least 30 as sufficient for adults. The UV protection of a coldblack® fabric must be determined individually, as it depends on the structure, thickness and material composition of the fabric.

What is the Australian /New Zealand Standard®?

The Australian/New Zealand Standard® is intended to provide the customer with information on the extent to which the clothing provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Other products such as sun cream, sunglasses and eye protection are based on other standards.

How can I be sure that my garment has UPF 30?

In order to guarantee a UPF of 30, strict testing and control processes are in place. From the first textile treatment, the UPF is tested and recorded. As soon as series production begins, new UPF samples are tested and recorded with a serial number. Based on this serial number, the production process can continue to be traced.

FAQs for licensees

How can I as a manufacturer use the coldblack® finish?

In order to use coldblack® on your textiles, you, as a manufacturer, are required to sign a technology license agreement with our distribution partner Archroma.

What is a Technology License Agreement?

In this agreement, our distribution partner Archroma (licensee) grants the manufacturer (sub-licensee) the right to apply the patented textile technology coldblack® on its products. If you, as the textile manufacturer, are interested in the coldblack® finish, please send your inquiry by using our contact form. We will contact you as quickly as possible and connect you with the right partner at Archroma, our distribution partner.

Who is Archroma?

Archroma is the distribution partner of Schoeller Technologies AG. Archroma is a globally-operating company in the area of dyes and special chemicals. The company based in Reinach near Basel (Switzerland) employs approx. 3.000 staff in over 35 countries. With three core businesses – Textile Specialties, Paper Solutions and Emulsion Products – Archroma supplies specialised service and colour solutions, tailored to the requirements of customers in their local markets.

How is the quality of textiles with coldblack® finish guaranteed for licensees?

A specific test procedure have been developed for coldblack®, which can record the heat reflection or heat absorption as well as determine the UV protection per textile. Immediately after production, textiles are sent directly to the responsible Archroma labratory, where the coldblack® effect is tested accordingly. Only textiles that conform to the specified absorption and reflection parameters are approved as coldblack® technology. Finished fabrics treated with coldblack® supplied directly by Schoeller Switzerland are strictly tested before they leave our factory.  

How can I, as consumer brand, label products with coldblack® technology?

In order to label your products with the coldblack® brand, you must sign the free of charge “Trademark License Agreement” with Schoeller Technologies AG. If you are interested in signing an agreement of this kind, please send your inquiry by using our contact form

What is a "Trademark License Agreement"?

In this agreement, Schoeller Technologies AG grants the licensee the right to use the brand name coldblack® for the marketing and sale of its products. Only those products that correspond to the defined quality standards may be labelled with the coldblack® brand name.

How can I order coldblack® labels?

As a consumer brand with a valid Trademark License Agreement, you will be able to order hangtags and woven labels as soon as the agreement has been signed and once we have received the quality approval numbers. Please send your order directly to lab@schoeller-tech.com. If you purchase fabrics directly from Schoeller Switzerland, please contact the responsible sales contact.

Has the coldblack® technology been patented?

Yes. coldblack® is a patent-protected technology of Schoeller Technologies AG.

Is coldblack® bluesign® certified?

Yes. The technology complies with bluesign®, the world’s most stringent production standard with regard to EHS requirements (Environment, Health and Safety). The bluesign® system guarantees the greatest possible exclusion of substances that could be harmful to humans or the environment and promotes the economical use of resources in manufacturing. Further information can be found under www.bluesign.com

How can I obtain further information?

Please contact us by using our contact form.

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