Block 1 ecorepel Bio The plant cuticle is the very outer layer of leaves which protects them from uncontrolled evaporation. This wafer-thin waxy film enveloping the leaves and stems is responsible for the familiar way that water droplets run off in the morning dew or in heavy rain. This effect is the exact inspiration for ecorepel® Bio.

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Block 2 ecorepel Bio
ecorepel® Bio imitates plants’ natural protection with the aid of a high-performance, permanentlyodorless high-tech finish. It is PFC-free and is obtained entirely from renewable primary products. The finish envelopes the fibres of the fabric in a thin film, providing the repellent effect which allows water droplets and aqueous dirt to run off the surface.
ecorepel® Bio is based on renewable primary products; agricultural products not used for foodstuffs or animal feed. No genetically-modified plants are used for ecorepel® Bio. ecorepel® Bio foregoes all fluorocarbon-containing components and is therefore PFC-free. The finishing technology is bluesign® approved. Correct application permits production with minimum impact on humans and the environment.
Eigenschaften ecorepel Bio Characteristics water repellent mud repelling ecologically washproof

Returns energy to the body

Knitted textiles with outstanding moisture management

Breathable knitted textiles with weather protection

Keeps textiles dry and clean
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