Isn’t it fascinating how ducks can dive under water and re-emerge with their feathers still dry? Like all waterfowl, ducks produce an oily secretion that allows their plumage to repel water. The ecorepel® technology transfers this natural water repellence to textile surfaces.

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Just like a duck’s plumage, ecorepel® imitates this natural, water-repelling protection and ensures that textiles stay dry and clean.
ecorepel® is based on long paraffin chains that wrap themselves in a spiral around the individual fibers. This reduces the surface tension so that water droplets and even aqueous dirt with a much higher surface tension simply run off. Breathability is not affected, and the feel remains pleasantly soft.
Eigenschaften ecorepel Characteristics environmentally soundwater repellent
mud repellent abrasion resistant breathable washproof
Teaser Licenses These technologies are available both on schoeller® fabrics and in the form of a technology license.Contact
ecorepel® Bio

Water-repelling on the basis of renewable primary products

Returns energy to the body

Knitted textiles with outstanding moisture management

Breathable knitted textiles with weather protection
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