Intro ecodye Less time, less water, less energy – schoeller®-ecodye is a specially developed auxiliary concept for polyester (PES) dyeing processes. The technology accelerates the dyeing process of yarns and piece goods, thereby saving resources and costs, while simultaneously protecting the environment.
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schoeller® ecodye makes shorter heating-up phases possible. In addition, the dyeing process improves the product quality. Even with critical nuances and dye combinations, the use of this technology does not negatively impact the evenness of the dyeing.
schoeller®-ecodye ecodye is more than just an environmentally friendly dyeing process which allows savings in time, energy and water. It also reduces the CO2 emissions, improves productivity and offers the greatest possible flexibility in use.
Eigenschaften ecodye Characteristics saves time saves water saves energy
Teaser Licenses These technologies are available both on schoeller® fabrics and in the form of a technology license.Contact

Environmentally friendly water and dirt repellence

Returns energy to the body

Knitted textiles with outstanding moisture management
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