Intro corkshell With corkshell™ from Schoeller, it is now possible to combine the outstanding natural features of cork with those of high-performance fabrics. corkshell™ offers much higher thermal insulation than functional fabrics while providing both high breathability and wearer comfort.
corkshell™ is made of an FSC-certified cork granulate that is a by-product in the manufacturing of wine corks. This natural granulate is pulverized and firmly anchored as a coating in a special process patented by Schoeller.
Two corkshell™ options are available:
  • Two-layer fabric construction with a cork coating on the inside of the fabric
  • Three-layer fabric construction with the cork coating in the middle

All fabric constructions are water and wind repelling, highly breathable and is available in both 2-way and 4-way stretch qualities.

corkshell einlagig
corkshell dreilagig
Eigenschaften corkshell Characteristics heat retentionstretch
water repellent breathable wind repellent
Info schoeller fabrics only This technology is available exclusively on schoeller® fabrics. Get in touch with us, we will advise you.Contact

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