Intro ceraspace ceraspace™ is a particularly high-performance protective fabric technology from Schoeller, offering a new dimension in abrasion protection. It is utilized most when maximum protective properties are called for, such as in workwear, footwear or protective wear for motorcycling.
The outstanding ceraspace™ technology from Schoeller owes its outstanding protective properties to a unique composition of special ceramic particles anchored in a polymer matrix. The special ceramic particles are nearly as hard as diamonds and are fi rmly attached as a 3-dimensional coating to the textile. A textile with ceraspace™ performs signifi cantly better than high quality leather in terms of abrasion:
The comparison of two schoeller® fabrics with and without ceraspace™ technology shows, that the abrasion resistance increases signifi cantly thanks to the ceramic coating.
Eigenschaften ceraspace Characteristics abrasion resistant washproof

Protection from heat and UV rays

Functional textiles with cork

Environmentally friendly polyester dyeing

Environmentally friendly water and dirt repellence
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