Intro ceramic coating When knitted fabrics are subjected to serious abrasion, for example in cycling, the new schoeller® ceramic coating technology is the ideal solution. The unique ceramic coating offers reliable protection and a high level of comfort even in extremely elastic knitted fabrics.
This innovative coating technique involves binding fine ceramic particles firmly onto the textiles, providing protection from excessive wear and tear as well as pilling. The coating can be applied in a variety of attractive designs. The clothing comfort and care properties are not influenced by the coating.
The ceramic coating has been applied to a variety of knitted fabrics. For instance, to elastic warp-knit fabric and coating substrates for laminates. The polyester based fabrics are suitable for transfer printing, and can therefore be printed with individual designs on top of the ceramic coating. The polyamide based materials are suitable for garment-dye, so individual color is also available with ceramic coating designs.
Eigenschaften ceramic coating Characteristics abrasion resistantbreathable

The special abrasion-proof protective fabric

Protection from heat and UV rays

Functional textiles with cork

Environmentally friendly polyester dyeing
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