Intro camoshield camoshield™ is a unique technology for additional multispectral camouflage in
thermal image and SWIR area.
Block 2 camoshield
NIR, TIR and SWIR sensors have become widely available at low costs. This leads to the need for a new form of protection for special forces on assignment. And that’s exactly what camoshield™ from Swiss CamouTech and Schoeller Textil AG was developed for. With this technology, textiles offer ideal camouflage both during the day and at night. That means a best-in-class and permanent camouflage effect with the highest level of wearing comfort, optimum lightness and protection from wind and weather. Furthermore, readiness for night fighting is significantly increased.
In addition to the near-infrared signature, camoshield™ offers protection in the thermal infrared range. It reduces the heat signature by lowering the surface temperature by up to 10 °C, without insulating the wearer. Compared to conventional camouflage wear, camoshield™ thus offers additional protection from optronic equipment.
camoshield™ was specially developed for night assignments on open terrain and delivers its optimum performance at ambient temperatures between 0 °C and 37 °C (32 °F to 98.6 °F).
Eigenschaften camoshield Characteristics breathable water repellent wind repellent camouflage
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