Block 1 active silver active>silverTM is a freshness finish for textiles based on nature-identical silver
salts. It reduces the occurrence of unpleasant body odors and other unpleasant
smells by inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria, mites and fungi that cause
odors. This ensures that textiles remain hygienically fresh.

Block 2 active silver
An odor-inhibiting finish provides major benefi ts for delicate fabrics, in particular those worn next to the skin such as sportswear or underwear because textiles of this nature are continually exposed to bacteria that lead to body odor.
Block 3 active silver For long lasting, reliable and wash resistant functionality, the silver salts are permanently anchored to the surface of the fabric by way of a special process. As a result, fabrics with active>silver™ remain reliably and hygienically fresh for longer and make the fabric even more comfortable to wear. The natural skin flora is not affected by active>silver™.
Block 4 active silver

Fabric without active>silver™ finish


Smell-forming bacteria can spread freely on the textile.

Fabric with active>silver™ finish


active>silver™ inhibits the reproduction of odor-causing bacteria in the fabric and improves moisture management.

Eigenschaften activesilver Characteristics reduces odors ensures freshness washproof
Info schoeller fabrics only This technology is available exclusively on schoeller® fabrics. Get in touch with us, we will advise you.Contact
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