Intro 3XDRY The plant cuticle is the very outer layer of leaves which protects them from uncontrolled evaporation. This wafer-thin waxy film which envelopes the leaves and stems is responsible for the familiar way that water droplets run off in the morning dew or in heavy rain. This effect is replicated by 3XDRY® and combined with a hydrophilic reverse.

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The outer surface of the fabric is equipped with a high-performance, permanently- odorless and PFCfree high-tech finish. This allows water droplets and aqueous dirt to simply run off the surface of the textiles. The reverse, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and wicks it quickly away. As a result, fabrics with 3XDRY® are incredibly quick to dry. Stains resulting from perspiration are practically invisible from the outside and moisture evaporates close to the body, supporting its natural cooling function.
3XDRY® is based on renewable primary products, or to be more specific, on agricultural products not used for foodstuffs or animal feed. The use of genetically modified plants is eschewed from. Furthermore, 3XDRY® includes no fluorocarbon-containing components and is therefore PFC-free. The finishing technology is bluesign® approved. It is safe for humans and the environment.
Eigenschaften 3XDRY Characteristics water repellent breathable
moisture absorption natural cooling effect dry in a flash
Teaser Licenses These technologies are available both on schoeller® fabrics and in the form of a technology license.Contact
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