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19.03.2024 iF DESIGN AWARD 2024

Article 59390 is the winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize.

05.10.2023 Q-CYCLE® Yarn

Turning end-of-life tires into high quality yarn


Experience the power of protection in motion. The safest clothing in the world is worthless if it is so uncomfortable that you choose not to wear it.

22.03.2023 RE-SOURCE COLLECTION - We make nature tangible

With the new RE-SOURCE collection, we create synergies between sustainability and the best in textile performance.

02.11.2022 The new standard for textile innovations

Schoeller Textil AG sharpens its sustainability focus and unveils holistic rebranding efforts.

22.10.2021 Schoeller Protection Textiles

Reliable protection in any situation

27.08.2021 Overview Schoeller Bike Collection Summer 2023

Like a second skin – sustainable high-tech textiles from Switzerland

22.07.2021 ecorepel® Dry Cleaning Resistant

Ecological water repellency that is PFC-free AND dry cleaning resistant

31.03.2021 Schoeller trusts in solar energy

2,838 solar modules produce sustainable energy.

15.03.2021 Schoeller textiles on the podium at the 2021 World Championship

65 top athletes wore Schoeller high-tech fabrics during Alpine and Nordic World Ski Championship competitions

28.01.2021 Fairly produced, multifunctional and uncompromisingly sustainable

Schoeller Performance Fabrics Winter 2022-23 Collection Highlights

23.12.2020 Better sleep with MEY nightwear and energear™-technology

Underwear and loungewear specialist MEY announces the launch of its product series "Zzzleepwear”

26.10.2020 Highlights Schoeller Summer 2022: Knitted Fabric Collection

Sustainable insulation, reflective and abrasion-resistant protection and dyeable polyester

01.10.2020 Fine natural fibers with sustainable function

Overview Schoeller Summer 2022 Fabric Collection – Focus on Lifestyle

22.07.2020 Elastic, functional and uncompromisingly sustainable

Schoeller Summer 2022 Fabric Collection Highlights – Action Focus

26.01.2020 All-in-one garments feature 3XDRY® textile technology

Garments demand more versatility

22.01.2020 Overview Schoeller Winter 2021/22 – Focus on Lifestyle

Sophisticated comfort with sustainable function

21.01.2020 Overview Winter 2021/22 – Focus on Cosmopolitan

Sustainable performance with a clear design language

20.01.2020 Overview Schoeller 2021-22 Winter – Focus on Action

Responsibly-produced, high-tech textiles from Switzerland

14.01.2020 A smart alliance against the cold

in an exclusive partnership, Telekom, AlphaTauri and Schoeller are launching the Heatable Capsule Collection

12.12.2019 Outlier Introduces Technical Jacket with aerobrane

Lightweight Rainshell Built around Schoeller’s Air-Circulating Membrane for Extreme, Breathable Comfort Launches December 12

30.10.2019 camoshield and Phantomleaf:

Ultimate camouflage at any time of day and against any background

30.10.2019 Product development Richa

Belgian and Dutch motorcycle police place their faith in Schoeller textiles

30.08.2019 Overview Summer Knitted Fabrics Collection

Structured lightness, reflective protection and sustainable, recycled qualities

04.07.2019 Focus on Lifestyle

Playful lightness with sustainable function

28.06.2019 Focus on action

Interplay of natural looks and sustainable technologies

28.06.2019 Focus on Cosmopolitan

Sustainable fabrics and technologies for a sporty-chic everyday look

06.05.2019 E-textiles as a textile paradigm shift

In the E-textiles category, Schoeller Textil AG focused on system solutions for holistic, active AC-ventilation.

29.03.2019 NanoSphere® Plus

New technology: NanoSphere® Plus protects against fingerprints and dirt

26.03.2019 Overview Winter 2021 Knitted Fabric Collection

Structure, colour, metallic sheen and sustainability

25.03.2019 Hollywood-worthy wow pieces with Schoeller textiles

workwear couture® from engelbert strauss

25.01.2019 Overview Schoeller Winter 2021 Fabric Collection – Focus on Lifestyle

Linen blends – thermoregulating, antibacterial and naturally chic

24.01.2019 Overview Schoeller Winter 2021 Fabric Collection – Focus on Cosmopolitan

Recycled wool, bio technologies and climate membrane: For sporty, stylish everyday wear with built-in function

22.01.2019 Overview Schoeller Winter 2021 Fabric Collection – Focus on Action

Deep sheen, brilliant colouring and genuine upcycled products


Schoeller Celebrates 150 Years of Textile History and Successful Research in Performance Textiles

07.07.2018 Cosmopolitan

the art of living an urban lifestyle in cosmopolitan apparel

06.07.2018 Technically inspired natural fibres

Overview Schoeller Textile Collection Summer 2020 – Focus Lifestyle

05.07.2018 knitted fabric - Summer Collection 2020

Pleasant cooling effect, outstanding wicking qualities and super-light weather protection

15.06.2018 coldblack®

coldblack®: Schoeller cooperates with Südwolle Group

14.06.2018 Overview Textile Collection Summer 2020 – Focus Outdoor

Schoeller champions sustainability for textiles and technologies

09.01.2018 Focus Lifestyle

Metallic sheen and concealed safety

08.01.2018 Focus Outdoor

Natural heat retention thanks to Nilit® Heat yarn made of coffee bean shells

17.08.2017 Natural fibres, bio technologies and climate comfort

Today, fashion no longer dictates but inspires personal style preferences.

18.07.2017 Overview eschler®, a schoeller® brand Knitted Fabric Collection

Non-slip function, comfort compression and exciting structures

18.07.2017 Fabric Collection– Focus Lifestyle

Metallic sheen, sporty elegance and concealed function

12.06.2017 Schoeller develops a revolutionary fabric construction for Mammut

Purist Aesthetics with Seamless Comfort

11.06.2017 Debut of Taurex® technology

on Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 at the Outdoor Tradefair in Friedrichshafen. Taurex® is a development from Red Bull and Schoeller Textil AG.

11.06.2017 X4zol™-J from Lubrizol

Schoeller presents its first fabrics with X4zol™-J from Lubrizol

09.06.2017 Fabric Collection Focus Outdoor

Sustainable and dramatically colored through and through

30.03.2017 Smart Textiles of the Future

Heatable e-soft-shell by the meter and electro-osmotic membranes

05.02.2017 Industry leaders launch HYDRO_BOT

Five textile industry leaders have joined forces to launch HYDRO_BOT, a new revolutionising technology for moisture management.

28.01.2017 New PFC-free Schoeller technologies based on renewable primary products

18.01.2017 The new trench with bio technology

What we wear is no longer dictated by fashion; rather it is a question of personal preference.

22.03.2016 Partnership with SSZ Camouflage

Schoeller Textil AG has become the worldwide exclusive licence holder (except for the US) of the patented, multispectral camouflage technology for action forces from SSZ

Neue Seite

The new standard for textile innovations

Schoeller Textil AG sharpens its sustainability focus and unveils holistic rebranding efforts

Long before sustainability became a trend in the textile industry, Schoeller Textil AG, which has been innovating technical fabrics and smart textile finishing technologies for more than 150 years, made it its mission to develop textile innovations in harmony with nature. Now the company is undergoing an extensive rebranding, whilst unveiling its strong brand foundation in the process. The result embodies the newly defined guiding principle of “Textile Intelligence” - the development and successful implementation of innovative textiles and intelligent textile technologies.

Innovations in the textile industry must meet requirements on several levels – offering both new and optimized solutions to sociological, ecological, and economic challenges of our time. Creating this holistic added value is firmly rooted in the Schoeller brand origin and is still the top priority in textile product development today. The brand essence has thus remained the same, but it has been embodied anew.

“At the beginning of the rebranding process, it was clear to us we had to root ourselves in (Swiss) tradition in order to fully realize Schoeller’s entire brand potential and successfully explore new, digital paths,” said Antonio Gatti Balsarri, Schoeller chief commercial officer.

“The goal of the rebranding is to communicate our traditional brand values in a completely new brand presence. The result was a sharpened brand profile, a clear brand strategy and tonality, as well as a clean, modern corporate design. We will specifically address our sustainability commitment through the expansion of digital touchpoints, their cross-media use, and an increased online presence. Simplified, straightforward, sustainable - in accordance with our greatest source of inspiration: nature.”


Paramount to Schoeller’s corporate identity is the full disclosure of brand principles and transparency around all business divisions. A simplified logo design was established by reducing logo elements and colors for a modern look and feel that can be produced in a much more resource-efficient manner. Schoeller’s new brand mantra of “Textile Intelligence” speaks to its company mission of more than 150 years.

Schoeller has been a bluesign system partner from the very beginning and uses the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) to assess sustainable performance. In addition to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and careful material selection, the highest quality and sustainability standards in production also mean guaranteeing fair working conditions. Schoeller follows a Code of Conduct that guarantees transparent production chains, environmental protection, and fair working conditions.

“Zero Textile Waste” becomes a targeted brand strategy.

While the production of textiles and textile technologies is continuously being optimized to preserve resources, the manufacturing processes are often costly and complex. To this end, Schoeller offers new approaches to efforts around Zero Waste in the industry. Its new online shop, “Schoeller re-Fabric” sells textile remnants from production directly to designers and smaller productions to increase its overall production volume efficiency and avoid textile waste.

COBRANDING – the Schoeller brand enhances its innovative image as a textile supplier for collaborating partners. 

The use of Schoeller textiles and innovative textile technologies offers international textile manufacturers and designers such as Alberto, Alpha Tauri, Descente, Fila, Jack Wolfskin, Ortovox, Pikeur and Tracksmith a unique opportunity to combine highly functional features with design. For Schoeller, the focus is on strengthening our brand partners’ consumer offerings around sustainability and quality while collaboratively making important strides together toward an improved path for our industry’s future.


Schoeller Textil AG is a textile manufacturer with headquarters in Switzerland, a subsidiary in Balingen, Germany, and sales offices in Istanbul, Newburyport, Mass., Seoul, Tokyo, Navi Mumbai, and Hong Kong. The company’s headquarters in Sevelen is home to a total of 200 people, 30 percent of whom work in the research and development department.

The company was founded in 1868 and specializes in textile innovations and the sustainable development and production of high-quality textiles and textile technologies, which lead the global niche markets. In product development, Schoeller has always focused on individual customer needs in order to create the best product solutions with added value for customers and the environment. In this way, the company contributes to a sustainable textile future together with its international partners.


Our textiles guarantee maximum comfort for personal peak performance in any situation.


Our aspiration is to create genuine product innovations that offer added value for our customers and for nature - optimized, sustainable, and versatile.


For our daily work, our Swiss roots mean absolute precision, resource-saving manufacturing processes, and a deep connection with nature.
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