Management Schoeller Textil AG is jointly owned by the Albers Group, Switzerland, and Formosa Taffeta, Taiwan. The operational team surrounding CEO Joachim Kath has extensive expertise in various areas of the textile industry.
Management Block 2 Strong corporate leadership is crucial to achieving our goals and realizing our company philosophy - shaping the future of textiles together with our partners around the world. Our extended leadership team around Joachim Kath, Martin Hämmerle, Ruedi Kühne and Antonio Gatti Balsarri consists of experts in R&D (Rainer Rösch), Sales (Stefano Tonizzo), IT (Rene Reimann) HR (Eveline Scheidegger) and Supply Chain (Luca Murezzan).
Antonio Gatti Balsarri, Rainer Rösch, Stefano Tonizzo, Ruedi Kühne, Joachim Kath, Rene Reimann, Eveline Scheidegger, Martin Hämmerle, Luca Murezzan
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