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Factory sale

We are back and reopening the factory outlet for you under protective measures:

A mask must be worn, hands must be disinfected, and clearances must be observed without exception. A maximum of 6 clients are allowed to be in the sales area.
As soon as a customer leaves the room, the next one can enter. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Groups / textile students of 4 or more are asked to contact marina_clemente(at) directly to make an appointment.

A large selection of fabrics in a variety of colors await you!
For members of the public, and for school and university students, we offer the opportunity to buy high-quality fabrics from Schoeller on site. The Schoeller Factory Sale at the headquarters in Sevelen is held five times per year. Here a wide range of remnants awaits you as meter ware or rolled goods (seconds). Please note that we cannot supply either a catalogue, fabric samples or an inventory list of the items available in the Factory Sale.

Prices and mail order
Prices range from CHF 6 to CHF 12 per meter.
Fabrics from the Factory Sale cannot be bought by mail order.

Payment in euro (no 200 or 500 banknotes)
CHF (no 1000 francs banknotes)
Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro)

Factory Sale Dates 2022

Wednesday, January 26 / 2022
Thursday, January 27 / 2022

Wednesday, March 09 / 2022
Thursday, March 10 / 2022

Wednesday, April 06 / 2022
Thursday, April 07 / 2022

Opening hours
from 1.30 pm to 5 pm 
Please follow the signs for parking.

For students

Unfortunately, due to the enormous demand, it is not possible for us to respond positively to individual requests from school or university students for sponsoring or material. For the same reason, we are unable to send fabric samples. However, we offer pupils and students from the textile area the option of group purchases (by appointment, minimum 6 persons).

For registration, send us an e-mail. Please also let us know the desired date and the group size.

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